Win Real Money With Sabung Ayam Online

Players can bet and win a bounty with the comfort of theirhome sitting on their couches. sabung ayam online gives players a platform to live bet on roosters, with great flexibility of choosing battles. Players get the flexibility to choose the time slots according to their convenience. Build the team according to the rating assigned to the roosters.

Team building

Points have been assigned to each rooster in the play based on their past performances. Players get 50 points for the team of five roosters, with 15 being the maximum and 10 being the minimum points that can be assigned to a particular rooster. There are hundreds of roosters on sabyung ayam online players can choose from there and make the team of five roosters with 50 points in their belly.

Slots of the game
Slots of the game have been listed on the website, there is an option to customized slots, players can invite their friends and create a customized slot if all the basic requirements of the slot are met, the platform will ensure the battle and all its supervision, disbursements of winnings under their umbrella. For customised battles, players have to pay an extra cess to the platform.

Duration of the battle

Duration varies from battle to battle; it is directly proportionate to the bounty attached to it.

The average time of the battle on platform has been 20 minutes. It’s likely to increase, as the more and more payers come on board and register with the platform.

sabung ayam Bonus and promotions

Players who register to the platform for the first time paying a nominal registration fee gets to bet on tier 2 battles for free in their first three battles with sabung ayam online. If the players get other players on board with each new person joining the platform, the existing players who have facilitated that new membership, gets 50 points. With those 50 points, players can participate and bet on five battles. For that, no extra cess or charge will be taken from the existing players. Promotion betting’s are entirely free. That’s the growth model of the platform.

Selection of winners and winning disbursement

Millions of players participate and bet on online battles, winners are decided on the rank basis, the top hundred gets the maximum share of winnings. The player who ranks 1 gets the maximum amount. The specific amount of winning entirely depends on the “bet group” a player had joined.